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Andre Kroeger, Project Director 
Agate Interactive Design

Key Contributors: 
Robert Lemon 
Donald Luxton 
Joel Lawson 
Mario D’Agostini 
Robert Moffatt 
Ron Simpson

Docomomo.bc Contributors:
Trevor Boddy
Ron Burnham
Alan Collier
Stephanie Doerksen
Chris Gower
Heather Gregg
Imbi Harding
Jenni Joorisity
Mark Kaustinen
Mary Laycock
Ayla Lepine
Judith Penner
Kim Reinhardt
Martin Segger
Tusa Shea
Alison Shields
Kathryn Squires
Chris Thomas
Peter Vaisbord
Seanine Warrington
Andrea Wickham
Graham Winterbotton
Linda Zajac

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