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Welcome to BC.MOMO, a CD-ROM created by the British Columbia working party of docomomo international. Established in 1997 docomomo.bc is part of a worldwide network of enthusiasts who seek to raise the awareness and of structures and landscapes from the Modern Movement (MOMO) period. This CD is an introduction to British Columbia's contribution to MOMO through its buildings, structures, civil works, landscapes and planning initiatives. Our objective is to bring to attention some of the most significant examples from the period and in doing so increase the interest in architecture and planning in general and to the development of a unique British Columbia West Coast style. This CD also includes information on the key people instrumental in developing and furthering the West Coast expression as well as information and links to other sites of interest.

The research and documentation of this material was completed by the volunteer members of docomomo.bc. We would like to thank the following for their support of the project:

  • Province of British Columbia 2000 Millennium Arts and Heritage Fund
  • Agate Interactive Design
  • Kasian Kennedy Architecture Interior Design and Planning Incorporated
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), the SSHRC -CURA Cultural Property Community Research Collaborative Program at the University of Victoria and the CURA Program community partners: The Royal British Columbia Museum, The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, the Heritage Society of British Columbia and the British Columbia Museums Association 
  • The Vancouver Heritage Foundation


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