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Introduction text.

Building type guide: Industrial; Institutional, Commercial, Houses & Residential; Churches; Civil.

Building Name   YEAR Architects Events
    Pre-1900 Frank G. Gardiner born (1878)
Charles J. Thompson
born (1878)
George L.T. Sharp
born (1880)
George C. Nairne
born (1884)
C.F. Dawson
born (1885)
John Y. McCarter born (1886)
Percy C. Underwood born (1894)
Peter Kaffka born (1899)
    1900 Thomas Black McArravy born  
    1901   Edward VII ascends the throne
    1904 S.P. Birley born
William F. Williams born 
    1906 Charles B.K. Van Norman born  
    1909 Robert A.D. Berwick born  
    1911 Warnett Kennedy born
Frederic Lasserre born
Charles E. (Ned) Pratt born
    1913 Robert R. McKee born  
    1914 Keith Davison born
John Howard Wade born 
World War I begins
    1915 John C.H. Porter born
Charles D. Stockdill born 
    1916 Wolfgang Gerson born
Harold N. Semmens born
Douglas C. Simpson born 
Peter M. Thornton born 
    1917 Fred Hollingsworth born
Duncan McNab born
    1919 Kenneth H. Gardner born The Bauhaus is founded in Germany by Walter Gropius
    1921 A. Gathe born
Roy Jessiman born
    1922 Peter Oberlander born  
    1923 Ron Thom born Le Corbusier - "Towards a New Architecture"
    1924 A. Erickson born
John A. Di Castri born
Zoltan S. Kiss born
Geoffrey Massey born
Cornelia Hahn Oberlander born
    1926 Robert Siddall born   
    1927 John W. Armour born  
    1928 William R. Rhone born  
    1929 Randle Iredale born Black Friday - the US Stock Market crashes
    1930 Barry V. Downs born  
    1931 Richard Archambault born
Blair MacDonald born
Building of the Rockefeller Centre begins in New York
Prince Rupert Federal Building   1936    
Powell River Federal Building   1938   The Lions Gate Bridge opens, linking the North Shore to Downtown Vancouver. The National Housing Act is passed in Ottawa.
Thornton House
  1939   Canada declares war on Germany
Revelstoke City Hall  
Powell River Store
Trail Pattern Storage Building  
BC Binning House   1941   Canada declares war on Japan
    1945   Formal surrender of Germany, followed by Japan. Many returning veterans begin to arrive on the West Coast
    1946   Establishment of the UBC Department of Architecture, with Fred Lasserre as first Director
Porter House   1947   Le Corbusier completes the "Unite d'Habitation" in France
Guardian Angels Church   1948    
Vancouver Vocational Institute
St. Johns Shaunessy   1949    
UBC Wesbrook Building
Granville Chapel   1950   The Korean War begins, with the participation of Canadians through NATO
Nanaimo City Hall
UBC War Memorial Gym
St. Anselms Church
Hycroft Towers
Sky Bungalow
Westminster Abbey (begins)   1951    
Copp House
Gardner House
Kitimat   1952    
Vancouver Post Office   1953   The Korean War is ended by armistice
Dal Grauer Station   1954    
Vancouver Public Library   1955    
Burrard Building
Lewis Construction - Pool House   1956    
Imperial Bank of Canada
Ocean Towers   1957    
Queen Elizabeth Theatre
BC Electric Vancouver   1958   On June 17, a portion of the Second Narrows Bridge collapses while under construction, killing eighteen workers.
Britannia Hangar
Buchanan - UBC
International House - UBC
UBC Faculty Club   1959    
Parkview Towers   1960   The new Second Narrows Bridge opens in August, spurring suburban development in the eastern part of the District
Chow Residence
Crescent Apartments   1961
UBC Power House
Vancouver Park Board Offices   1962    
Lasserre - UBC
Beach Towers   1963    
UBC Frederick Wood Theatre
Unitarian Church   1964    
Smith House II
Baptist Church - West Vancouver   1966    
Woyat Bowie Building
MacMillan - UBC   1967    
MacMillan Bloedel Building   1968   P.E. Trudeau becomes Prime Minister of Canada
West Coast Transmission
Moore Building